Why is In-House Financing Better?

      While dealers who work with major lending companies are bound by strict approval rules, Snapcar Auto Group’s approval is only impacted by our policy and requirements. This allows you to get approval the same day, and quickly! Each application is reviewed by a real person, and we have the advantage of looking at the whole picture, not just a credit score.

      In fact, we don’t even look at your credit score. We understand that life can get pretty complicated; those three numbers may not reflect how hard you work, and they take forever to fix if you’ve made the mistake of going with a secretive loan-shark dealer in the past.

So... What do we check?

Snapcar Auto Group requires only a few things for approval:

  • 2 recent pay stubs
  • 2 proof of residence
  • A valid Indiana drivers license
  • Applicant must be 18 years or older
To speed up your approval, please bring all required documents when you visit. We’ll help you fill out a credit application and, pending approval, help you get on the road!

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